Driving Fast through life

Now I love driving fast, my foot hits the gas pedal and nine times out of ten the pedal hits the floor.

Life can be like that, get in, turn the key, put it in gear and off you go. But, do you really enjoy the ride or are you just buzzing on the adrenaline?

There are stages to how you approach driving, ask any insurance agent. I think it parallels how most people approach life.

The New Driver: Reckless, inexperienced, willing to test boundaries, pedal to the metal.

The experienced Driver: Mindful of others on the road and the people they are responsible for driving around. Every once in a while, you just have to opening her up and enjoy the ride for the ride.

The Senior Citizen: Getting close to losing their license. Know they don’t have to rush everywhere, mostly where you’re going will be there when you get there. Ignore the honks of those coming up behind them, and occasionally have to give life the finger.

I’m looking forward to ignoring horns and giving the finger, glad to be past the peddle to the metal phase but still enjoy the occasional joy ride.

So, how do you drive through life?


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