Victories, big and small

Life’s daily battles, when big, leave a noticeable result. But what about the small ones?

Some times just making it from one moment to the next without, screaming, crying or both is a major accomplishment. One others don’t even know about and we don’t acknowledge to ourselves.

My advice to others and myself abut coping in today’s world is to take it day by day and when overwhelmed, moment by moment. This is a lesson I have had to learn the hard way. Sometimes I fail, but I get better every time I remember and celebrate the small victories.

People will restructure their lives, work on their diets or fitness, its called a life style change. I have noticed they forget their emotional and mental health. What good is a life style change and being physically healthier if you can’t handle the life your living?

So I’m taking things day by day, and when needed moment by moment, and celebrating my small victories.

How many victories can you gain for yourself every day?


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