Friends, Making Them, Keeping Them

Okay, I can honestly say I don’t have many friends, and very, very few friend who I consider close enough to be family.

I’m not one to put myself out there, and I don’t suffer fools lightly. I also have a very sensitive bullshit meter. That being said, finding, and keeping friends can be a challenge.

Now the real question is does this bother me?

Not really, I have always said I would rather a few real friends than many superficial acquaintances. Face Book takes care of the superficial, so I concentrate on the worthwhile.

Now what I consider a good friend is someone who genuinely cares what happens to you day to day, someone who will always tell you the truth whether it hurts you or not, but never out of spite. That’s the kind of friend I am and I will accept nothing less.

The one friend I have that I do abuse is myself, and I have lost her friendship on numerous occasions with my carelessness, so I am working on that relationship.

“New Me” Resolution for today, Be a better friend to myself so I can be a better friend to others.

What kind of friend are you, how do you make friends, and what are you willing to do to keep them?


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