The Dreaded Lifestyle Change

I am in the early stages of a Lifestyle change, physical health, nutrition, outlook on life and everything else.

It has it’s challenges, the main one being myself of course.

The past few years…okay more than a decade… have really been, not so great. I woke up on day and realized much as I was living like it, I’m not dead. Harsh reality check there, but it served its purpose.

So now, I eat better, exercise and I recently started setting daily personal goals. It sucks but I do feel better and I know I’m healthier.

The thing I’m focusing on most right now is what I call “New Me” Resolutions. If you have been reading this blog then you have seen my recent daily mention of it.

“New Me” Resolutions are like New Year’s Resolution but without the inevitable failure to complete. We all have done it, don’t lye.

So now, I am adding an Attitude Adjustment that doesn’t involve a parent and corporal punishment. Sucks being an adult, but what can you do.

Sorry folks but you’re going to be seeing the “New Me” often, hope you don’t mind.

What are you doing to make your life better, what is your Lifestyle Change?


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