Taking a good thing to far, budgeting more than money

Well, this is interesting, to keep myself motivated I wrote out a list of topics for blog about a week ago, and today’s turns out to be the above. It’s very appropriate this morning because I am amped almost to the point of mania. Let me explain.

I have a myriad of conditions that at some point or another will feature in a blog post; today’s it seems will be Bipolar Disorder 1. No big, I have it well managed. Thankfully, my councilor agrees so it’s not just mental delusion as proof of this.

To continue, I am also a writer, and when I have a especially productive session of writing it gives me a massive adrenalin rush that can mimic a manic phase, now I self monitor my emotional ranges and spikes are fine as long as they are warranted and not prolonged. So, when I hit a spike like I have this morning after a truly fabulous and productive night of writing, I have to step back and not take things to far.

This feeling can be addictive, but like all addictions, the price you pay is way out of your budget. I have had to learn to budget my ups and downs, my happy and my sad because my brain can’t do it for me. Do I resent this? Not really, I look at it, as enjoying what I can when I can, but not taking it too far.

So what do you have to budget in your life?


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