Hello, I am Jenna Sands

Hello, It is very nice to meet you. It occurred to me that I have been rambling at you for a little while now, but I never stopped to introduce myself, just shoved you into this murky mind of mine. So sorry about that, rude and inappropriate metaphors come to mind, I’ll spare you.

Who is Jenna Sands?

Well, I don’t know, not really anyway.

I can give you cold data, facts, and the name, rank and serial number.

(not gonna happen on the serial number :D)



no children

parents, siblings

I was born, I will die

But the essence of me is still a mystery, so I guess you are on this ride of self discovery with me.

I started this blog with a completely different purpose and goal in mind.

Get my name out, so when I finally reached the awesome lifetime achievement Plateau of publication, I would have a following of people who actually know who I am.

Well, how can I show you who I am if I don’t know.

It’s a lot to think about.

Do you know who you are?


One thought on “Hello, I am Jenna Sands

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I think I know who I am.. haha 🙂

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