The Kiss of Death

What is the most progress destroying problem I have, or the kiss of death for me.


That time wasting virus that seeps through the keys into your fingers, From your fingers the nasty buggers enter your heart and mind killing any momentum you may have. It’s insidious I tell you, the most debilitating condition known to this writer.

Is there a cure, no one know. Treatment consists of time management and discipline. Goals, to-do lists and multitasking help, but damn it all, I need a keeper.

Accountability and fear of punishment work, the thing is, I am not afraid of myself, I know what to do and say to get over on myself.

Oh well, I’m a bad self parent, I think I’m gonna ground myself from the TV for a week until I get some work done.


What is your worst bad habit and how do you deal with it?


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