Tools of the Trade


What are the tools of the writing trade.

Lets see, not everyone would consider the same one in the same order of usefulness. So I will just tell you mine.

This is my blog so I will allow it. 🙂

1. A creative mind- it all comes from creativity, you have to have the idea to go any farther no matter what other tools are available to you.

2. General knowledge of the written language or someone willing to put your words on paper for you. (writing is the key word)

With these two things anyone can write.

Now, there is a catch; just writing, while technically defining some as a writer, is very different from someone with a passion and a talent for writing. This kind of writer pours their soul out  to entertain, themselves or others. To get paid for their offerings. Or to both entertain and get paid.

Guess which one I am. 🙂

So along those lines we have more tools.

3. Talent- the ability to write what will interest readers.

4. The drive to entertain and/or get paid- without drive you have nothing but stories tumbling around in your noggin.

Now we come to the biggest tool of them all.

5. A community- this is both a community of support (like my writer’s group) and a community of readers (the people for whom you write).

No matter how talented, creative or driven you are, without a community of support it is much harder to get a polished professional work out to the public. You always need someone.

Last but never least, a community of readers, we write to be read. No more needs to be said.

So what tools are in your workshop, be it for writing, drawing, sewing, or building all are an art-form off there own?


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