Nurves after Submission

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Let the wait begin. Time to bite my nails (thank god I no longer have that habit 😀 ) I followed my steps.

What steps? You may ask. My writing steps.

I used my tools, followed my plan and put the nuts and bolts to work.

In other words, I wrote a story. You have an idea of the story as I included the outline in my “Planning” post.

Although, the story did change from the outline somewhat. That’s to be expected. Outline are a suggested path not a set-in-stone map where if you take a uncharted road you may drive off a cliff.

So, the story has been conceptualize, written and edited to a polished work.

I had a specific publication in mind for this short story, so I made sure to read some of the work they accepted in the past and tailored this piece to their proffered tone.

Then I read the submission guidelines very carefully (okay, It was more than once).

I also tried to find the name of the specific person I would address the submission to.

Then after a long and agonizing wait, I pressed send (making sure the attachment was included).

Then, ding went my inbox.

“we received your submission”

YAY, now I can start to slowly go out of my mind waiting to hear if It is accepted for publication or not. (you people saying my mind went a long time ago be quiet)

Fingers crossed everyone.

Okay now that I said all that. I have had a lot of comments about the outline I posted, I will make you a deal. If it accepted then I will post the publication link when I get it. If not I will post the whole story here for everyone to read.

So, is there anything that makes you bite your nails?


One thought on “Nurves after Submission

  1. Good luck! It’s always an anxious wait.

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