Fraidy Cat

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Yep that’s me hiding under something, aren’t I cute though?

Well, why are you hiding? some of you may ask.

Because I am a chicken butt (inside joke). Recently I submitted a story for possible publication, then posted a blog post about continuing to wrote while you wait for a response. Since then I have written exactly 2 words, and they don’t count as they are actually the title to a story I have already outlined.

Very sad isn’t it? Now, you may want to know. Why aren’t you writing? (other than the chicken butt reference)

Fear! Hence the kitty hiding.

I have noticed a pattern, every time I submit something for possible publication (all 3 times, lol) I can’t seem to accomplish anything even remotely like writing.

I’m like the kid holding their breath and hiding in the closet to see if anyone will notice the broken vase.

So instead of passing out from lack of oxygen, I’m trying something different. Forced compliance with self mandated writing assignments, such as this blog post.

The only problem, me, I’m just not afraid of myself. I know my weaknesses and how to get around self discipline.

Oh well. We will test my so called self discipline, see if it goes any better this time, looking good so far.

Does fear hold you back on some level?


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