Will I be Plagiarized?

Imagepicture courtesy of: http://www.123rf.com/photo_14755223_secure-lock-emblem.html

As some of you know, I belong to an online writing and critique group Scribophile.com.

I love this group, I’ve made friends I know I will have for a lifetime, and I have to admit my writing had improved a great deal.

Well, anyway to get to today’s topic, Could the work you have posted fr critique on Scrib be plagiarized?

Every month or so a new member on Scrib, posts the half panicked and paranoid question of whether their wonderfully creative one-of-a-kind WIP will be plagiarized.

Um, let me think here for just a moment…NOPE.

Why, you may ask?

Cause as much as you think your story is the best ever, we think the same thing of OUR wonderful, original, creative, works of art.

Now I’m not trying to pick on anybody or be derogatory or mean, but a little common sense here.

Does plagiarism happen? Yes, it is a very unfortunate thing, but plagiarism does happen.

Is it likely to happen online? Yes, it depends on the people (writers) who use that particular site and their level of commitment to their craft and professionalism.

Does plagiarism happen on Scribophile? Not to my knowledge and I’ve been there almost a year.

The thing is the possibility is there, but if you don’t chance it, if you don’t take the leap of faith, you won’t get anywhere.

Quoting Dune “Fear is the mind killer.”

If you don’t take the chance nothing will change.


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