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Just recently I have started making goals and trying my hardest to achieve them.

It’s not as easy as you might imagine, especially for those of us who have never tried.

You have to set goals, and then choose a consequence if you don’t meet it and also pick a reward for completing that goal.

Incentive is everything.

Such as-

Daily Goals:

1. Eat Healthy

2. Blog Post

3. Exercise

Consequence: no cheesecake for the day

Reward: cheesecake

(who doesn’t like cheesecake, I wish it was bacon)

Other Types of Goals I set-

Weekly Goals:

1. complete 7 days of daily goals

(hey, no snickering it’s important)

Monthly Goals:

1. Complete all weekly goals

(do we sense a theme here, I’m new at this give me a break)

Short Term Goals:

1. Think of something to be thankful for or happy about as much as possible

(some people don’t realize how important this is)

Long Term Goals:

1. Publish a novel (a must)

Life-Time Goals:

1. Be the best person I can be

These of course are just examples, though they are real goals.

The most important thing is accomplishing task that eventually result in meeting and sometimes exceeding goals, the feeling is amazing.

Especially with cheesecake.


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