Inferno by Dan Brown


Well, to be honest I had a hard time getting into this book, which bummed me out because I love Dan Brown.

I picked it up on Kindle a couple months ago and read a little but ended up putting it down.

Then night before last I tried again, I lay down thinking I would just push through, its Mr. Brown after all.

I read the page I had left off on and turned to the next, minutes later my attention riveted on one word and then the symbol.

In a book about a famous Symbologist who would think a symbol would do it…Diabolical Mr. Brown… Diabolical…bravo.

What symbol?

Yes, see I’m so good I already know what your gonna ask.


See it works, I’ve caught your attention now haven’t I? Yes, I have.

Well following Mr. Brown’s example I am now going to take your new-found interest and move you on in the story.

So, what happens next?

I’m not telling, but I will say this…I didn’t lay the book down again until it was done.

Well worth the read.

Go read it.


Enjoy folks


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