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I read Dan Brown’s Inferno this weekend and wrote a short piece on it yesterday, but today my mind has been on different things.

Tonight I am watching FACEOFF on SYFY and the theme is The Seven Deadly Sins and a few of the Artists are using Dante’s Inferno as inspiration, The Devine Comedy of which Dant’e Inferno is the first part is a major theme in Dan’s Inferno.

I am truly having a fantastic moment right now.

Now is this a coincidence or is the world trying to tell me something.

I think it’s telling me I need to concentrate on my story Primus Vault, a WIP .

NaNoWriMo or National November Writing Month is coming soon and I was considering working on another of my WIP for it, but BD’s Inferno touches on a similar subject matter.

I think my muse is yelling at me, so I will listen to it.


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