Mindless Activity

Image image courtesy of: http://medicalconsumerism.blogspot.com/2010/02/no-brain-no-pain.html

Contrary to mistaken beliefs using your brain is the most important part of a mindless task.

For instance, walking or any other exercise where no counting is involved, or any activity where you or any part of your body is occupied with a task that does not require thought allowing your brain to ponder, create, or problem salve.

I use walking and crocheting.

I try to walk 5 miles a week, and despite a dog pulling on the leash and an audio book playing in my ears, the rhythmic repetition of steps allow my mind to wander where it may. I hope my mind travels more than 5 miles a week.

Well,  I just picked up a barely started crochet project I started and stopped 4 years ago. It is so satisfying to see row after row of yarn chain connect as my thoughts and imagination sew plot, setting and character together to for a story.

I also like to take a long hot bath and just listen to more of the audiobook I listened to during my walk (no dog in the tub with the Human) and relax so my creativity can simmer and boil like a cauldron, brewing up shenanigans.

So what mindless task do you use to free think?


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