Da Vinci’s Piano 500 Years Later

Image picture credit to : http://www.leonardo.net/main.html

Leonardo De Vinci is famous for his inventions.

Most notable among them, the helicopter, tank, and this amazing piano.

I have a fondness for the Cello, the sound it produces just resonates the perfect vibration with my spirit.

That is the sound that stands out to me the most in this video.

I closed my eyes and had no problem picturing a string Quartet accompanied by a organ playing just for me, my favorite Cello front and center.

Listen and see what you hear from this one extraordinary instrument.



First Cash Out

Image picture credit to : http://depositphotos.com/2831423/stock-photo-Money-bags.html

On Friday November 15, I finally hit 25.00 on my bank for bubblews.com, so I pressed the magic button and cashed out.

I celebrated with a booty shaking happy dance.

On Monday November 18, my PayPal showed a pending payment for my cash out.

Once more with the booty shake.

Today, as promised on PayPal, my payment cleared and I now have a balance of 25.03 from Bubblews.

The booty shake isn’t enough, I took a nap to celebrate.

Don’t judge me, I love to sleep and as a chronic insomniac, if I can sleep I’m gonna sleep.

I am so happy my best friend dragged me to this site

NaNo – Day 20 – Exhausted

Image photo credit to: http://maemcconnell.blogspot.com/2013/08/why-i-have-crazy-energy-finally.html

November 20-

Novel – words today = 2,338; total words = 32,849; left to 50,000 = 17,151.

Overall – today = 50,828; left to 50,000 = +828.

Yay, getting back to it, I am so close I can taste it.

That was last night, today I woke up exhausted, whatever word-count I post for tomorrow will be hard won, unless the caffeine kick in.

I shall drag myself back in here tomorrow.

Helen Keller – How Dumb is Dumb

Image photo credit to: http://favimages.net/image/43203/


How dumb is dumb?

Well, lets explore the meaning of dumb.

Throughout history the most famous dumb person Is Helen Keller.

Now, you may think that’s impossible she is renowned for her intelligence.

Yes, your right she was a very intelligent woman who overcame obstacles that would have daunted most people.

It is to those obstacles I refer when I say she was dumb.

Helen Keller was deaf, DUMB, and blind. Now these are physical conditions, having nothing to do with her intelligence.

When someone has the condition of being dumb, they are mute, meaning they cannot speak.

So, when we call people dumb, it’s not supposed to mean they are stupid, it means they “cannot speak” about a subject.

Unlike Helen, we are not mute, therefore we do not have to remain Dumb, we can learn to speak, to teach ourselves and others anything we put our minds to.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” Helen Keller.

I hear her.

Can You?



NaNo – Day 19 – Jumping the Hurtles

Image  picture credit to :http://www.techview.me/2013/06/going-exclusive-with-google-the-last-lap/


November 19 –

Novel – words today = 3,096, Total = 30,511, left to 50k = 19,489.

Overall = total today = 48,490, words to 50k = 1,510.

I can feel the end coming,I’ve upped my daily word goal to 4k, if I meet it every day I will hit 50k on Sunday.

Jumping those hurtles, leaping obstacles, mainly myself.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to announce passing 50,000 words overall.



Lap Dog or not to Lap Dog

Image photo credit: personal picture of jennasands

This is my dog Gizmo, He’s a Chihuahua and his home is my lap.

So, why do I ask, to lap dog or not to lap dog. That’s his question.

If anyone other than me is around he could care less about my lap. Take Christmas week, we always visit my parents and Gizmo was originally her dog, so he will find some place to sit close to her feet, but where he can still see me, usually stationed at the dinning room table working on my laptop.

His master dilemma, Christmas day at my sisters, he has also been my nieces dog, after my mother, then he became mine (he is staying mine until he dies, no more new master for him).

Anyway at my sisters he has all the women he loved under one roof, but who does he fallow.

Whomever is more likely to sneak him food. Loyalty for a dog can be overcome by the stomach.

Oh well. He’s sill mine and I love him. I will just have to nurse the tummy ache.

NaNo – Day 18 – Pushing Forward

Image picture Credit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoop_rolling


November 18 –

Novel – number of words written today = 2,282, total to date = 27,415, number of words to 50,000 = 22,585.

Overall total number of words written = 45,394, number left to 50,000 = 4,606.

I’m progressing more each day. Until last night I had been disappointed in only writing about 2,200 words a night, then it hit me. I’m writing those words in under 5 hours and while some people are banging out more, most Nanites aren’t. So I am very happy with my progress.

I did write some words to day but I won’t tell you about it till tomorrow. 🙂

Tell it to y’all on the marrow.