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After a very successful weekend of writing I had a lackluster showing yesterday.

But instead of viewing it as a failure, I consider yesterday practice for the success I am determined to achieve today.

What? Have I lost my mind?

No. I used to view every goal unmet, every task incomplete, and every dream unfulfilled as a failure.

I still fail at things today, but that is no longer a hindrance.

Let me explain.

In the past when I failed, I just stopped even trying, every failure was proof I had no future and no reason to dream anymore.

Now, when I fail at something, I evaluate the situation.

1. Did I fail or is this just a path to a new endeavor, or was it practice to try again.

2. If it was a path to something new then it wasn’t really a failure was it? It was just a step in the bridge to a new beginning or a continuation along another route.

3. If it was just practice then you have another chance to try again but better prepared.

I would consider both instances successes just not a completion.

Some people live their whole lives practicing and never quite reach that completion, I am one of those and I like the challenge.

So, when you think you failed at something, ask yourself, is there a new path, or was this just practice?




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