Surprises in Writing

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It’s funny sometimes the surprises you get while writing.

Here you are with a fully conceptualized plot, setting, outline and your characters,you know all you think you will need to know about your characters.

Or so you think.

Some of you already know I’m writing 2 novels for NaNoWriMo, well one of the little buggers took a turn on me.

I now have a few new characters I knew nothing about and a romance between one of the new characters and the main character.

I wrote the scene where HE first appeared and when I was done, I was like cool.

Then the last scene demanded to be written, I never write out of order, and the romance came out.

I was like WTF? Where did this come from?

It just goes to show, you can plan and plot all you want but a story is organic and can grow and morph in unexpected ways.

So, while I am a die hard plotter and planner, my outlines are suggested story lines, if the story deviates it deviates.

I love it when a story tells itself, you get to sit back and ghostwrite for your characters.

What surprises have you found? Did you like them?


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