Wounded Beauty



picture 1 courtesy of: http://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/story/7929/20121122/natural-selections-burl-wood

picture 2 courtesy of: http://www.houseofburl.com/

I have been wounded in the past, sometimes even broken.

In order to heal I had to find beauty inside myself.

I love art and draw and paint.

A while ago I learned about Burl wood.

Picture 1- is Burl wood still attached to its tree.

Burl is a ring or patch of scar where the tree healed a catastrophic injury.

Now, you might think, who would want a scab or scar, but it is a highly prized type of wood.

Picture 2- is processes Burl wood ready to be carved into pens, or knife handles.

But my point is that the wood is beautiful.

The scar from an injury is turned to something prized and valuable.

On other words we may bend, we may break but our wounds once healed can be as valuable as Burl.

My tree is still growing, scared though it is.

Thrive on.


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