Motivation- An Uphill Battle

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My current endeavor to complete two novels for National Novel Writing Month has been a challenge to say the least.

Keeping motivated is hard and I admit I’ve fallen down the progress hill a few times and I hit the wall too.

Nut, I have stayed positive and kept myself motivated.

Here are a few ways.

Encourage others: There is nothing more mortifying than pushing people to their limits and keeping them on track and not keeping up, the fear alone will push you to succeed.

Make it fun: Some of us are competitive, some of us aren’t but will do anything to have fun. I fall into the second category, So I am making this as fun as I can.

Set Small easily achieved goals, every time you reach one you are more excited to finish the next one until finally you finish the big goal.

There is a saying I have read and I don’t remember where but it goes like this. “I can eat an entire elephant.”  and when they are asked how he response is. “One bite at a time.”.

I completely agree with this, anything can be done one step at a time.

Never give up people.

What motivates you?






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