NaNo – Days 11 and 12 – Party

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For the Days of November 11 and 12, we will start with November 12 since it really easy to report.

Novel 1 – 0

Novel 2 – 0

Why am I not screaming with frustration and angst?

November 11-

Novel 2- 0

wait for it.

Novel 1- Words written that day – 2,503. Not bad but not a huge number.

Novel 1 – Words written to date – 17,979. That’s a nice number but its not a novel it’s a novella.

Well I am very happy with this novella because the rough rough draft is FINISHED.

WooHoo My First Ever Finished Rough Draft On A Book.

I still have quite a bit of work and some surprise scene to add in but for all intents and purposes, it is finished.

That glow you see in the sky is me beaming with pride.

Tonight I get back to writing with only 1 Novel on my agenda. Total number pf words written to date – 32,280.

More Updates to come.

Talk to Y’all soon.


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