NaNo – Day 13- Coasting

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November 13

I have been up in the air and glowing with excitement over finishing the rough draft for Novel 1 – Last Hope. But I haven’t made much more progress on novel 2.

I’m working little by little, just coasting along. Now its time to get serious and make some headway, I want to be finished by the end of next week.

So, to catch you up on my numbers, here we go.

Novel 2 – number of words written that day- 1,689.

Bringing total number of words written on that novel to 15,990.

and laving 34,010 words left to reach 50,000.

Total number of words written for NaNoWriMo 33,969.

Not bad, a little more than halfway there and 16 days to go.

That makes a minimum number of words written each day to reach 50,000 on November 30 is 2,126.

Or to finish by next Saturday night, 3,779 words a day. Also doable as I was writing an average of 4,000 between the two novels.

I just have to decide whether to coast or race to the finish line.

Enough numbers for now, I’m off to paint with words.

Talk to Y’all Soon.





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