Lap Dog or not to Lap Dog

Image photo credit: personal picture of jennasands

This is my dog Gizmo, He’s a Chihuahua and his home is my lap.

So, why do I ask, to lap dog or not to lap dog. That’s his question.

If anyone other than me is around he could care less about my lap. Take Christmas week, we always visit my parents and Gizmo was originally her dog, so he will find some place to sit close to her feet, but where he can still see me, usually stationed at the dinning room table working on my laptop.

His master dilemma, Christmas day at my sisters, he has also been my nieces dog, after my mother, then he became mine (he is staying mine until he dies, no more new master for him).

Anyway at my sisters he has all the women he loved under one roof, but who does he fallow.

Whomever is more likely to sneak him food. Loyalty for a dog can be overcome by the stomach.

Oh well. He’s sill mine and I love him. I will just have to nurse the tummy ache.


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