Helen Keller – How Dumb is Dumb

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How dumb is dumb?

Well, lets explore the meaning of dumb.

Throughout history the most famous dumb person Is Helen Keller.

Now, you may think that’s impossible she is renowned for her intelligence.

Yes, your right she was a very intelligent woman who overcame obstacles that would have daunted most people.

It is to those obstacles I refer when I say she was dumb.

Helen Keller was deaf, DUMB, and blind. Now these are physical conditions, having nothing to do with her intelligence.

When someone has the condition of being dumb, they are mute, meaning they cannot speak.

So, when we call people dumb, it’s not supposed to mean they are stupid, it means they “cannot speak” about a subject.

Unlike Helen, we are not mute, therefore we do not have to remain Dumb, we can learn to speak, to teach ourselves and others anything we put our minds to.

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” Helen Keller.

I hear her.

Can You?




2 thoughts on “Helen Keller – How Dumb is Dumb

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