I Want This

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There is a big trend for preparing for disaster, refereed to as Prepping.

Now, I don’t prep, but I would if I could. At least in some areas.

Then there are things preppers do that are so friggen cool, like this camper on a scooter.

I would so own one of these, and happily use it all the time.

Not for prepping purposes, though I see the value for that purpose, but for everyday stuff.

Well not everyday, but often.

Think of the camping trips you could go on.

Hiking trails continent wide would be on my list of adventures.

What about you?


One thought on “I Want This

  1. freedlife says:

    Naw. I’m over 6′ long, and don’t like wee spaces. Where’s the loo?? The fridge?? Amenities are my life. I’m not knocking it, mind you.

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