Old/New Fun

Image picture credit to :http://adayinthelifeoframona.blogspot.com/2009/05/hooked-on-big-hook-and-chucky-yarn.html

I learned from my Aunt the very basics of crocheting as a child, every great once in a while I would pick it up and dabble a bit, never once completing any project of worth. (LOPSIDED)

The last time I picked it up was about four years ago.

I started an afghan project and custom sized it for my bed, I only got one ball of yarn into it before I lost interest and moved to other things. (living in medically induced zombie coma)

But having made a lot of changes this year I picked my project up again a couple months ago. Its almost done, a few days worth of work left. 🙂

My Sister and the kids were here a few weeks ago and my niece saw me working on it and asked if she could have one.

I said sure. A few days later I told my Mom I was going to do one for all the family kids, thank god there are only five of them.

So, for inspiration so there can be a variety of styles (not just single crochet lines) I watched a bunch of youtube.com videos and now I have a list.

Each kid just has to pick their colors.

Mom and Sister are getting cardigans.

Dad is getting a blanket too.

Brother-in-law I think will get a hat, not sure, he will get to chose.

Anyway, an old craft is new again to me and I am having a lot of fun.

Have you resurrected any old/new hobbies?


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