Teach to Learn

Image picture credit to: http://submit.shutterstock.com/forum/post-1457653.html

The best way I know how to learn something is to teach it.

This doesn’t always work and wont work for everyone, but in most cases its true.

Math is my exception, some years ago I was taking College Algebra and was studying with my buddy, towards the end of the semester I threw my hands up and exclaimed I just couldn’t get it, it made no sense to me and she said. “What are you talking about? You taught me how to do it.” Needless to say I think it is just a quirk of my brain.

An example of when it worked for me, in basic training we were each assigned a skill to teach small groups in our platoon. I got Claymore mines, I absolutely loved teaching it and by the time we tested not only did I know it backwards and forwards but only one person in our platoon failed it, we won’t discuss this person as I am astonished they could even tie their combat boots.

Anyway, if you want to learn how to do something, actually do it or teach someone else how to do it, one method or the other will get it done for you.


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