Allergy Attack

Imagephoto credit to me

Day before yesterday I went to give my little 7 lbs Chihuahua Gizmo a bath, fleas have been driving him crazy.
Here in Florida in the sandy areas, fleas are worse then roaches.
He is only outside long enough to go potty and they attack him, he must taste good.
Anyway, back to the story, I was washing him and since I wash me much more than him and my mind was elsewhere, I ended up washing him with my soap.
The poor baby broke out head to toe hives.
He was crying and in terrible pain, and the itch, I cannot imagine.
I keep dog antihistamines around because he has terrible allergies.
The problem, I was out of cheese, the only way he will take it is in cheese.
The Vet which is less than 300 yards away is closed and the only way he doesn’t cry and dig at his skin is if I swaddle him and hold him like and infant.
That means no going to the store.
I finally found a neighbor willing to part with a slice of cheese. (did I mention it is raining)
So I get him home and get a dose of antihistamines into him, and thankfully after giving him another bath with his soap to get the residue of mine off him, and walking him around like a baby the meds kick in and he goes to sleep.
Two more rounds of pills the next day and he is back to his usual bouncy, flea irritated self.
Gonna try diatomaceous earth next, can’t hurt I’ve tried everything else.


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