Image picture credit to :www.instructables.com/id/Yahtzee-Pod/

I was thinking about childhood +Games I used to

play and the most dominant in my mind was +Yahtzee.
All you need to play is 5 dice, a pencil, and the scorecard.
Now, it stands out the most in my +Memory because of the +scorecard.
No one ever had to buy the +Scorecards because everyone knew how the scoring went, you just list it out on paper and tada, +scorecard.
I would have hours of fun, even playing by myself.
I would fill whole notepads with my home made +Scorecards and +tallies.
It’s sad because I don’t think my nieces and nephews have ever played the +game, I think I will fix that this +Christmas.
Do you have a favorite +Game from +childhood?


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