Phone Fun, When You Hate Answering The Phone

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I hate answering my home phone, I really do.
So to make it more fun, especially when its a solicitation call, I play games.
I came up with two more today.
I have no doubt someone else has thought of these but they are new to me.

phone: Ring Ring
me: *grumble* Friggen phone
phone: Ring
me: Hello, this call will be recorded for prosperity. My plan to take over the world begins in 2016, you are invited to join me as one of my minions.
phone: *silence* …click

(and I get to have a giggle fest)

phone: Ring Ring
me: *grrrrr* &%&%$^ phone
phone: Ring
me: Hello, you have been selected to take a short survey. If you wish to participate please press 1, otherwise hang up.
phone: *beep*
me: Unfortunately our Customer Service lines are all busy, Please call back at another time. *Click*

(once again the giggle fest)

It doesn’t take much to Entertain me.

Do you have Fun on the phone?


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