Taste the Rainbow…Again

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The title says to taste the rainbow, a line I stole from Skittles, but I’m actually talking about rainbow sherbert.

I loved it as a kid but sadly forgot all about it as an adult…seduced away by chocolate, cookie dough and other scrumptious ice creams.

This Christmas my lovely sister had some in her freezer and I was reintroduced to the magic that is tart, fruity, icy rainbow sherbert.

I have to confess to liking it more than the famed and once favored chocolate, my one time weakness.

They match for me on creamy, soft texture and while ice cream will always have a special place in my stomach, the sherbet will win out for my taste preference.

Since I happen to have some in my freezer at the moment, I getting myself a bowl….mmmmmmm

Excuse me I’m having a treat moment and wish to be alone.



A Hearty Hello

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The Adventures of Hunter & Chase

H&C 4 

A Hearty Hello

“Good evening, fellow adventurers.  My name is Hunter Ben-Rowan, or at least that’s what I’ve thought my whole life.”  He turns and looks at the chestnut-haired boy sitting next to him. “If Rowan is our uncle, what’s our surname?”

The other boy shakes his head.  “We’ll discover that somewhere in our journey.  That’s the reason we’re taking it, remember, to find out who we really are, who’s really our father, and what happened to our mother.” He nods toward the front.  “Go on, finish the story.  You insisted on telling it …so, tell it.”

“Fine!  Where was I?  Oh, yeah … my whole life pertains to the last seventeen years, because just recently that’s how old I turned, along with my twin brother here, Chase.  That’s also when we found out our father, Rowan Ben-Isaac, wasn’t really our father, but our uncle,” Hunter explains, using his…

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To Break the Rules or Not to Break the Rules

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I got my delivery today, YAY.

Now I have to face a dilemma, break a rule I made for myself, or walk the strait and narrow.

One of my biggest problems is self discipline.

Part of my New Me Resolutions is to improve my self discipline but, I so so so so so want to play with my new toy.

I find myself debating, so I do the right thing or not.

The definition of integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

I admire integrity in others, and work to have integrity in my own life.

So I guess I answered my own question.

No playing with the new toy until after the work is done.

I hate that I just talked myself into doing exactly the opposite of what I wanted, Its no fun being an adult.

I guess I am a little proud of myself.

So, that is something.


Ironic isn’t it

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I find it ironic that I took up new and old hobbies to give some meaning to my life. (I used to be a zombie)

But, now I have so many I procrastinate trying to figure out what I’m going to do.

Lets see today; I can write, read, plot and plan out my writing or none of the aforementioned.

I made a rule I can’t do needlework during the normal work day hours, so that I get some writing and above activities done.

I can work out (putting this off till the last possible moment).

Chat with friends.

Draw and or paint. (Its been a long time, but part of my New Me Resolutions is to get back into these.)

I could watch TV or a movie.

But instead of doing any and all of these, I am procrastinating.

So, I have come to the conclusion my newest hobby is procrastinating.

Well at least its something I am really really good at.


Waiting and Frustrated

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OMG, I am sitting here waiting for a package delivery.




Still not here, tracking says delivered.

Nope, it is not in my hand.

Maybe it is at the office?

Nope, they don’t have it.

Check the tracking web site again.

Investigate a little deeper.

Your package has been turned over to the USPS for delivery.


I want my package, NOW!

Grumble …guess I will just have to wait till tomorrow.

I know some of you have had this experience, I commiserate with you.


Relief: that moment when you KNOW what peace is


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This is how I believe the pain +scale should read.
Even this one though doesn’t have the very special moment when +Relief happens and you know what +Peace is.
Anyone out there know that moment?
I have a +Chronic +Pain condition, +Fibromyalgia, that I know many of you share with me.
Most days I am in pain in some part of my body and it’s like a low grade migraine, you know its there but you can ignore it.
Then there are those times when not one thing hurts.
It’s actually +Amazing and you don’t notice right away, not until you go to do something or move a certain way and you brace for the flare of pain, but it doesn’t happen.
That is what I believe +Peace is, the unexpected +Absence of expected +Pain and it is +wonderful.