A Hearty Hello

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The Adventures of Hunter & Chase

H&C 4 

A Hearty Hello

“Good evening, fellow adventurers.  My name is Hunter Ben-Rowan, or at least that’s what I’ve thought my whole life.”  He turns and looks at the chestnut-haired boy sitting next to him. “If Rowan is our uncle, what’s our surname?”

The other boy shakes his head.  “We’ll discover that somewhere in our journey.  That’s the reason we’re taking it, remember, to find out who we really are, who’s really our father, and what happened to our mother.” He nods toward the front.  “Go on, finish the story.  You insisted on telling it …so, tell it.”

“Fine!  Where was I?  Oh, yeah … my whole life pertains to the last seventeen years, because just recently that’s how old I turned, along with my twin brother here, Chase.  That’s also when we found out our father, Rowan Ben-Isaac, wasn’t really our father, but our uncle,” Hunter explains, using his…

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