Taste the Rainbow…Again

Image picture credit to: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/02/46/c4/0246c4e172dda2baa1a3f274ac14fd0f.jpg

The title says to taste the rainbow, a line I stole from Skittles, but I’m actually talking about rainbow sherbert.

I loved it as a kid but sadly forgot all about it as an adult…seduced away by chocolate, cookie dough and other scrumptious ice creams.

This Christmas my lovely sister had some in her freezer and I was reintroduced to the magic that is tart, fruity, icy rainbow sherbert.

I have to confess to liking it more than the famed and once favored chocolate, my one time weakness.

They match for me on creamy, soft texture and while ice cream will always have a special place in my stomach, the sherbet will win out for my taste preference.

Since I happen to have some in my freezer at the moment, I getting myself a bowl….mmmmmmm

Excuse me I’m having a treat moment and wish to be alone.



2 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow…Again

  1. AuthorTLGray says:

    Stop thinking about food you shouldn’t eat. STOP IT!!!

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