Organizing life

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I can be a little compulsive.

Usually only about certain things.

I like the mini yellow legal pads.

I like the Zebra F-301 click-able ball point pen in black, blue and red.

My mini yellow legal pad is on my mini clip board and my pen is clipped to the spring bar.

These are my tools for organizing my life,

How do I organize my life…Lists.

I make list for everything.

Check lists for the month, week, and day.

Grocery lists, budgets, edit lists, lists on what parts to edit, it goes on and on.

I even do my therapy homework in list form. 😀

The one good thing about my lists though, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t check everything off.

I use list to organize my life but they don’t run my life.

Have a good day y”all.


One thought on “Organizing life

  1. AuthorTLGray says:

    Another excellent post. I’m a list person too. I am much more productive when I use a list.

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