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Woohoo, my weight loss continues.

I was stalled for a little while again, I absolutely hate plateaus.

I know some of you understand that completely.

Anyway, I stepped on the scale last night and wowser I broke the previous 10 pound score…*not sure how to say that right, it’s not like weight has decades*

I am also close to my half year goal, only 5 lbs to go for that.

Then this afternoon I weighed myself again, another pound down.

A year ago I was hoping to make progress but wasn’t very sure of myself.

I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of one dear friend.

You know who you are and thank you.

Let’s keep pushing.

I know I can do it now and I know those of you out there trying to get healthy can do it too.





My size is shrinking


Liebster Nomination



Wow, I am honored to be nominated for the Liebster Award.

Author T.L Gray a great friend and very talented writer nominated me for this award.

I was so touched I promised to punish her…just kidding I really am honored.

Of course there are rules to follow.

Here goes.


11random Facts:


1. I am a Veteran of The United States Army.

2. I have a wicked and bent sense of human… if you get hurt around me please don’t take offense to my rolling around on the floor laughing. I really do hope you aren’t going to die and will heal quickly without pain or disability.

3. I have two rough draft manuscripts I have no idea how to edit…but I’m learning.

4. If there were no such thing as spell check you would have no idea what I am typing.

5. I love the beach but though it is less than 20 miles away I haven’t been there in a couple years.

6. I have 5 nieces and nephews but no children of my own..that’s if my dog doesn’t count.

7. I know how to make lace using a needle.

8. I am happily known as the crazy aunt, a coveted designation if there ever was one.

9. If I don’t know you, I won’t bother to lie to you so please don’t ask me a question if you are not ready for the answer.

10. I weighed 4lbs 6ounces at birth.

11. I was once run over by a van.


11 Questions:


1. What am I working on right now? I’m gearing up for July’s Camp NaNo. I have 2 novels in the pipeline for it just like I did in November. I’m going to finish an Alien Vampire Novel that currently has 6,000 words. Along with a new idea of shape shifters who’s animals are extinct species like cave bears, being pursued by Crypto zoologists.
2. Where do I write and why? I write anywhere I can. I’m not very disciplines about writing, though I’m trying to correct that. I get easily distracted. Most often, I am at my desk with my easy chair, footstool and blanket. Usually guarded by a sleeping jealous Chihuahua in my lap.
3. What was the first creative piece I remember writing? The Adventures of a School Desk. It’s the first creative writing assignment I ever had. I remember the pleasure I felt as I wrote and read it. I have to confess I still have it. It’s terrible but still my favorite story ever.
4. Where do I find inspiration? Through my senses. I will see, hear, smell, feel, or taste something or a combination of things and like with a memory, it triggers a character, scene, or the plot for a whole story.
5. When did I decide to become a writer? You can decide that? I had people in my head wanting to tell there story, they had nowhere to grow because I am me and take up all the room inside me. So, I give them pages to live within and they are constantly surprising me.
6. The book that has most influences me as a person? All of them. Our experiences shape us as individuals. I experience every book I read, they have all left a mark on me in some way.
7. What book(s) most influence my writing? Every single one I have ever read or will read. I learn something about writing every time I open a book or turn on an eBook.
8. Why did I choose my genre? It chose me, I write what I like to read because it interests me and I think it resonates more with my imagination.
9. Is there a book I’d like to see on film? If I have already read it, none of them. If I haven’t read it, all of them.
10. What am I currently reading? I’m rereading Linda Howards After the Night. More accurately I am listening to it from Audible.
11. Elevator pitch for my WIP? Please…Please…Please read and publish my book. While you’r at it could you possibly make a movie of it. You’r so great. Yes. I will put the gun away. You can go now.


My Nominees:

















I Mean It This Time

Sorry to be gone so long.

I know I have typed it before but I really am back this time.


Had to stop CPT Therapy.

Couldn’t do the Homework assignments and the strain was interfearing with my ability to function in life…such as write blog posts.

It was a decision both my Therapust and I both agreed on, we are returning to once monthly talk therapy until if and when I can try again.

Since I am writing this post I would think it was a good decision.

I want to learn the skills I need to get better but avoidance seems to be working better for me.

On another note.

Since I can writie again, I’m doing July’s Camp NaNo.

I am also once again doing 2 novels.

1 continue WIP that currently has 6,000 words

2 start and finish novel that I currently have a concept and plot for but no characters or outline. Gotta get that done a few days before go day July 1.


Wish me luck Y’all