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I have greatly anticipated the release of Hear Me Scream by R.m James (no that isn’t a typo, there are two R.M James and while they are both great writers I need to differentiate only one wrote this wonderful book).
I had the privilege of watching this watching this writer and novel progress from literary infant hood to the fullest potential they both reach as of tomorrow.
Why tomorrow, well that is when this novel will finally be released.
It has been a long time coming.
Today I got word that we can win a free copy.
Go to : and scroll down to enter.

A word on this book.
A post apocalyptic tale not for the faint of heart.
You will smile, laugh, cringe and cry.
Like all good reads the emotion and connection to the story and characters are visceral and, for me, absolute.
Not to be missed.

I highly recommend.

Hear Me Scream
R.m James
Vabella Publishing
Release Date July 8, 2014

Have a great day y’all.