New Venture Revitalizing Old

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I have lost my mind …at least I think I have. I started a YouTube channel. Yes, I did. I’ve been watching other channels most every day and I thought, I have something that interests me and I want to share it with others. What is my main topic you may ask? Well, what else but writing and some of my other crafts would be my topic/s. My reasons are as follows. I want to share what knowledge I have gained since I starting writing as more than a hobby. I also procrastinate like you would not believe, so YouTube will kind of be my accountability partner. I have to say it is already working. I have two rough draft manuscripts from 2013’s NaNoWriMo sitting in my Dropbox, they are both now in editing. I also have two novels in the writing stage and I am determined to finish them both this year. One is partially finished and the other is in the world-building phase. Wish me luck.


Mindless Activity

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Contrary to mistaken beliefs using your brain is the most important part of a mindless task.

For instance, walking or any other exercise where no counting is involved, or any activity where you or any part of your body is occupied with a task that does not require thought allowing your brain to ponder, create, or problem salve.

I use walking and crocheting.

I try to walk 5 miles a week, and despite a dog pulling on the leash and an audio book playing in my ears, the rhythmic repetition of steps allow my mind to wander where it may. I hope my mind travels more than 5 miles a week.

Well,  I just picked up a barely started crochet project I started and stopped 4 years ago. It is so satisfying to see row after row of yarn chain connect as my thoughts and imagination sew plot, setting and character together to for a story.

I also like to take a long hot bath and just listen to more of the audiobook I listened to during my walk (no dog in the tub with the Human) and relax so my creativity can simmer and boil like a cauldron, brewing up shenanigans.

So what mindless task do you use to free think?

Beyond the Tempest Gate by Jeff Suwak

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Jeff Suwak’s Beyond the Tempest Gate is a fantastic read.


Because this Authors mastery of the written English language and understanding of crafting an interesting and entertaining tale cannot be denied or missed.

If he were a chef this would be one of the most delicious meals you have ever eaten.

The luscious details in the descriptions fill your gullet and make you want to rub your tummy while humming MMMMMMM.

A classic tale of heroism on a quest for greatness takes a twist as you find yourself not only not liking the hero, but as the story unfolds rooting for his failure.

Young Gabriel can be summed up in one word. Hubris.

Exaggerated pride or self-confidence.

Just to put it into perspective.

In ancient Greece hubris was punishable by the gods because it was considered a crime against the gods, thinking you were equal to or above divinity.

Our fanatical Gabriel fulfilled my twisted need for the unusual.

Usually the hero starts off unlikable but through trial and strife grow to be the Men (or Women) the world can be proud of.

Not Gabriel even his most grand sacrifice is done only to fulfill his own needs and further his own agenda.

If I have whetted your appetite for this treat, you can find it through or directly through Amazon and B&N.

The Nuts and Bolts of Writing


We have gone through the Tools of writing and the Blueprints, now it’s time for the Nuts and Bolts.

Nuts and bolts you may ask? Well, quite frankly yes, nuts and bolts.

You didn’t think people just sat down at a computer and wrote perfect polished pieces, did you?

No, No, No. Like with everything else in life there is a method to this madness.

(look out, more bullet points, Ruv would be so proud)

  • Use the tools- talent, drive, creativity etc.
  • Make a blueprint- concept, characterization, planning etc.
  • The nuts and bolts- the process of putting words on paper

What is the process of taking a raw idea and putting it on paper then polishing it until it shines?

  • Rough Draft- writing the entire story, start to finish, paying no attention to anything but telling the story.
  • Edit- take the Rough Draft and check for spelling and grammar errors, fix those.
  • Edit again- read through the story out loud to see how it sounds.
  • Revise- Make the changes you found in the last edit, filling plot holes, refining pacing, adding or subtracting descriptions, missed scenes etc.
  • Edit- take this new draft and check your spelling, grammar, word usage etc. and fix them
  • Edit again- read this new version again out loud to see how it reads.
  • Revise- make necessary changes that reading aloud showed you.

take these steps over and over until you don’t find anything else to correct or change. Then do the next step.

  • Peer Critique- let others read through it and give you their oppinion
  • Edit and Revision- If their suggestions make sense make the change
  • Peer Critique- let others read this newest version
  • Edit- make one final read through going from the last line to the first, just to make sure you didn’t miss something. Read it aloud from start to finish one last time.
  • Check formatting for any submissions criteria for publication you may decide to submit to. Or follow Agent guidelines for submission.

Woo, that’s a lot isn’t it?

Yeah, so now you can see the entire process for writing.

Well, I have given you the tools, the plan and the nuts and bolts.

I challenge any and all of you to write one story, of any length.

I want you to feel the joy and hard work it takes, I know there are some wonderful writers out there who just never thought of writing.

What kind of story are you going to write? I can’t wait to read them.