Survivor 2014 (spoiler)

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The new season of Survivor is here. 😀

Brawn, Beauty and Brains.

Some people seemed surprised that Brains didn’t do to well.

I’m not. As I qualify for the brains team, I feel I have some insight into the problems for them.

1. Quite a few (not all) really smart people have absolutely no common sense. 

oh really? You may ask.

Well,look at Garrett if anyone had absolutely no common sense, it was him. He professed to watching Survivor but was surprised at there not being enough food, and that the conditions would be challenging.

2. Smart people will over think every problem. Make things much more complicated than they need to be.

My proof. J’Tia and the shelter.

She formulated a complicated plan and it failed.


She over thought it.

She was sure her plan was better than any used previously.

3. Arrogance, they are so sure their brains gave them the edge, they didn’t plan effectively.

The only smart thing I saw them do, was during the second challenge, instead of trying to swim the heavy fish traps back to shore, they used the weight to their advantage and walked them along the bottom.

Final thoughts, I was so happy with the two that were voted out.

While I was disappointing in J’tia for dumping the rice, if Garrett wasn’t such a dumb-ass, that would have never happened.

I can’t wait for the next episode, if the Brains don’t adjust their strategy quick Brawn and Beauty will be the only tribes to make it to the merge