My Heart Goes Out

Recently my best friend &AuthorTLGray started writing a new novel, in her research she met some interesting people who have not only become information resources but have also become friends.

One of those friends is a Peace Corps volunteer who is serving in Lesotho, South Africa. Michael Solano has dedicated his life to helping those in need. He had shared numerous cultural and societal stories of customs of life in Lesotho. I won’t go into those as some are horrifying for the cultural norm I am accustomed to. Michael as a Peace Corp representative can do nothing to change them. But there is one thing he is doing that will have a huge impact in a positive way.

The St. Denis School has no kitchen; Michael is trying to raise money to build them a kitchen. I am excited to help in any way I can. Being on a very limited fixed income, the only way I am able to help is to spread the word and hopefully bring attention to this cause.

Here are some links to get more information.

Pictured Above: Peace Corp Volunteer Michael Solano with students at St. Denis

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