Stuck in the Mud

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I have previously mentioned I am going through Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from childhood trauma. 

I share my experiences in order to educate about Mental Illness and encourage persons with Mental Illnesses to seek professional help or just let them know they are not alone.

For more information on Mental Illnesses my go to is, and another useful site specifically for PTSD is

PTSD had a wide range of causes such as childhood trauma, sexual assault trauma, and the most wide know Veterans suffering from combat trauma.

These are not the only causes, any traumatic event experienced by anyone at anytime can result in PTSD.

PTSD often ends in suicide, so I especially want to encourage treatment.

Back to CPT, I just had my second session and came up against a very snaggy component Stuck Points.

What is a Stuck Point?

A stuck point is an internal conflict or negative belief of yourself, others, and the world in general.

These points can effect all aspects of your life, from safety, power/control, esteem to intimacy.

Learning to deal with stuck points in a healthy way is the purpose of CPT.

Needless to say this is where I get stuck. (pun intended)

Just hearing the words stuck point caused anxiety to the point I asked my therapist, A very nice man named Don, to refer to them as SP’s.

Does this sound extreme to to you?

No, not to me.

As soon as he started using SP I instantly felt relief, I stopped rocking in the chair (one of my tells or ticks) and relaxed.

I’m hoping that by the end of these twelve weeks I will be able to hear the words stuck points without reacting, and so much more.

Have a great day y’all.



(I am not a mental Health Professional and in no way am I giving medical advice)

*If you have or are experiencing +Mental or +Emotional +Illness, there is nothing to be ashamed of, you did nothing wrong and there is hope and help out there for you. You are not alone.*

Call 24/7  1-800-273-8255

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Therapy Appointment Followup

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I had my second talk therapy (psychotherapy) appointment yesterday.

It wiped me out, I cried like a baby (for me anyway), and by the time I got home I was ready to sleep.

Although I was exhausted, I also felt peaceful, calm but not closed off.

The picture included in this post is pretty accurate on how I usually feel, yesterday I felt like I found the first breadcrumb to lead me back.

My therapist suggested CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), Its an intensive 12 week (twelve appointments) program that takes you into the memories and teaches you how to cope and move past them. (very simplified explanation).

The most encouraging part, the literature he gave me says that some PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) sufferers come out of the completed therapy no longer meet the criteria for the PTSD diagnosis.

I’ve decided to do the therapy, here’s to being hopeful and optimistic but staying realistic.