June 29, 2015 NQT flier

june 29 2015


YouTube channel for Writers

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As some of you know I am an aspiring writer. While watching other videos on YouTube I decided to see what information there was available for the writer on YouTube. While there was some limited videos, I won’t go into detail here, I couldn’t find anything for writers by writers about writing. I’m not talking about a talking head going on about there writing style, but interviews between two writers. Information on the process of writing, what to do after your first draft is finished. When to query. How to market your work and yourself. Just information that any writer would want or need.

So I started one, so far I have done interviews and excerpt reading from the authors. But coming soon we will have panel conversations about those all important parts of writing that the general public has no idea happen.

I think even non writers will enjoy these videos.

Come watch and you will find new books to read, get to know some new and old Authors and writers. You might even learn more than you ever wanted to know about writing.

My channel is : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qsDa01IMDWylYXInnxzfg

This week we have a reading from Beyond the Tempest Gate by author Jeff Suwak. Beyond the Tempest Gate is a dark fantasy novella.



New Venture Revitalizing Old

Corona Typewriter, 1920-22 credit to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_Corona

I have lost my mind …at least I think I have. I started a YouTube channel. Yes, I did. I’ve been watching other channels most every day and I thought, I have something that interests me and I want to share it with others. What is my main topic you may ask? Well, what else but writing and some of my other crafts would be my topic/s. My reasons are as follows. I want to share what knowledge I have gained since I starting writing as more than a hobby. I also procrastinate like you would not believe, so YouTube will kind of be my accountability partner. I have to say it is already working. I have two rough draft manuscripts from 2013’s NaNoWriMo sitting in my Dropbox, they are both now in editing. I also have two novels in the writing stage and I am determined to finish them both this year. One is partially finished and the other is in the world-building phase. Wish me luck.

Image Picture Credit to: http://www.datamarshall.com/images/market_research.jpg


Well, its that time again.

Two novels in completed rough draft, and the story bug has bitten my imagination once again.

The problem…I have very little knowledge of the subject matter.

Poor, poor little me… I have to research now. 😀

So you might have guessed research and organizing are my crack when it comes to writing.

Seriously…ask any of my friends.

I have tutored a number of them in organizing and outlining…and had a lot of fun doing it.

Yes, I do know I’m sick in the head.

Oh well, time to get my fix.

Web search here I come.

Later Y’all

Time to Research

NaNo – Day 20 – Exhausted

Image photo credit to: http://maemcconnell.blogspot.com/2013/08/why-i-have-crazy-energy-finally.html

November 20-

Novel – words today = 2,338; total words = 32,849; left to 50,000 = 17,151.

Overall – today = 50,828; left to 50,000 = +828.

Yay, getting back to it, I am so close I can taste it.

That was last night, today I woke up exhausted, whatever word-count I post for tomorrow will be hard won, unless the caffeine kick in.

I shall drag myself back in here tomorrow.

NaNo – Day 19 – Jumping the Hurtles

Image  picture credit to :http://www.techview.me/2013/06/going-exclusive-with-google-the-last-lap/


November 19 –

Novel – words today = 3,096, Total = 30,511, left to 50k = 19,489.

Overall = total today = 48,490, words to 50k = 1,510.

I can feel the end coming,I’ve upped my daily word goal to 4k, if I meet it every day I will hit 50k on Sunday.

Jumping those hurtles, leaping obstacles, mainly myself.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to announce passing 50,000 words overall.